Sassy Savvy started as a dream approximately 2 years ago.  It all started when Bernadine du Pisanie was at a point in her life, where she was in her 40’s and comfort became more important than fashion trends. She would live in her gym clothes if she had no need to be in her high heels and a pencil skirt.  She was training 7 days a week and her goal at the age of 42 was to see if she could get herself into great shape and enter a fitness competition. She achieved everything she set her mind to and attained her pro-card with the IBFF federation in 2017. 

Today she has set herself a new goal and is aspiring to meet the needs of individuals who require something specific with no minimum order requirements. 

I was tired of going into shops and trying on leggings that either made me look or feel bigger because of the cut or design. They were not squat proof or would slide down and I would have to pull them up all the time.  I noticed that many people were buying from online stores and then they would be disappointed in the product that they bought.  I did some research on a specific brand that I absolutely loved but could not find in South Africa.  I did research on this brand and the prices that they were selling at and I decided I needed to find a supplier that could make the same quality leggings and sports bras without me having to charge the exorbitant prices.  

Savannah Sassy Savvy Pic



While I was researching the suppliers my youngest daughter was working on the name and logo of the business.  Savannah du Pisanie is the creative energy of Sassy Savvy. She absolutely loves helping with ideas for t-shirts or any other item that we have made for customers. She helps in the business and has even helped with the digitizing of logos and designs that are embroidered.  

We originally started out doing embroidery on towels, tablecloths, company logos on shirts and beautiful pillowcases for lodges, hotels and guesthouses.  We decided to branch out and started with vinyl and print designs on apparel and bedroom accessories.  We are now importing our own brand of leggings and sports bra’s and we strive to increase the range in the future. We also have a gym towel with a zipper pocket that we keep in stock and can embroider a name or logo on it, as per the customers’ requirements.